Unit 2 Certificate

In this term, we have decided to start again with our “point game”, because we always have fun playing it and because we learn a lot and it helps us to remember all the vocabulary we have learnt until now.

So…the winner of this unit in 1st B is … María!!CONGRATULATIONS!!Keep up the great work! ;)

And in 1st A … Alexia!!CONGRATULATIONS!!


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In this unit we have been learning about cities, and although Campohermoso is just a village, it is OUR village, and we love it!

Would you like to go for a walk and know more about Campohermoso?Follow us!! ;)


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLMXRkVH-gE?rel=0&w=560&h=315]



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Practise: Verb to be

Here you are some exercises to practise the verb to be. On the right side of the page you can find more links to improve your practise on this IMPORTANT VERB!



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In this unit, the topic has been “animals”. We have learnt how are they, what do they have, what do they eat, where do they live, what can they do…

So, our final project has been to create our favourite animal using different material, and in some cases, they have even created their habitats!!Great work! Then we have described it in front of the class.

Here you are some of the presentations:

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The New Year’s Day in Sevastopol

Our friends from Sevastopol have sent some texts about the way they celebrate the New Year’s Day and the New Year’s Eve in their families. Even when we are so far away from them we have things in common!

New Years day     The Way Our Family Celebrates New Year         OLD NEW YEAR                                                           New Years day

They also sent a beautiful outline of winter in SevastopolWinter in Sevastopol

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News from Crimea

Our friends from Sevastopol have sent us a power point and a small Ebook about their favourite streets and squares. Here is the link:


Our Native Town Sevastopol



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En 5º, la cosa va de gustos familiares. Los alumn@s nos presentan a los miembros de su familia, sus gustos y aficiones.

5ºB ya ha comenzado con las exposiciones

My Family (click on here to watch the presentation)


Cristian’s family (click on here to see the document)


LoliAntonio Eloy


También los niñ@s de 5ºA han seguido a sus compañer@s


José María

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